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So Now you have moved to the sun and fun capitol of the united States, but how are you going to keep your yourself in beach body shape?   If you are like me you like to stay fit by hitting the gym and doing some weight training or maybe do some boxing or martial arts (I have included some links to those types of training facilities below) . Dieting is also an important part of staying fit and we have links below to health food stores and popular diet facilities. As for cardio and classes go we have links for some of the major running, biking, swimming, pilates, zumba, belly & pole dancing classes, etc. places in the area. So no matter what your fitness tastes there is something here for you. Below is an article about some great ways to stay fit in this tropical paradise.

Top Ways to Stay Fit in Miami

By Renee Chapple

In sun-soaked Miami, where the bathing suit is a year-round wardrobe staple, staying in shape is of prime importance! Fortunately, our warm weather, sunny days and long daylight hours provide plenty of fitness options all times of the year. Here are some of Miami’s favorite ways to stay fit year-round, keep your beach figure, and have fun!

1. Go For a Run

ING Miami Marathon

One of the most popular (and cheapest!) ways to stay in shape is hitting the streets running. There is very little equipment required, and no expensive gyms or clubs to join. With the long daylight hours here in Miami, you can fit running into your busy schedule – day or night. Most of our residential neighborhoods have sidewalks and South Beach is a great destination for a long run with plenty of people-watching opportunities. Miami is home to many road races and events, such as the Miami ING Marathon and the Tropical 5K. If you prefer running or cycling with others, you can check into a running club.


2. Swim Your Heart Out

Ordinary Guy

Of course, with the beautiful weather and water, swimming is a great option. It’s not only great for your cardiovascular system, it really tones major muscle groups. You can always find a lake or dive into the ocean, but there are many great swim clubs throughout the Miami-Dade area where you can join others. Most clubs take swimmers of any age or skill level, but some are competitive and may get you motivated to push a little harder.


3. Ride a Bike


Riding a bicycle is an interesting way to explore the city and get a great workout. You can purchase an inexpensive starter bicycle at a garage sale, or make an investment in a new bike by visiting one of Miami’s many bike shops. If you’d like some companionship on your rides, try a cycling club such as USA Cycling or theEverglades Bicycle Club.


4. Dance the Night Away

Kris Martis

With the nightlife on South Beach, dancing is a huge part of our culture! While you can sweat it out on the dance floor and get a great workout, why not try a dance class? Many dance studios offer lessons in salsa, Latin ballroom, tango, mambo, and other popular styles. There are also recreational and competitive dance clubs you can join if you’re interested. If you want an even harder workout, you can find a class at a local gym that combines dance moves and aerobics in a fun way to keep you sweating and toning at the same time.


5. Take a Class

eMuse Tess Heder

Miami has an abundance of gyms if the outdoors aren’t your thing. Classes like yoga and pilates are an awesome way to keep your glutes tight and your six-pack well-defined. You won’t find a better muscular workout for total-body anywhere! Classes like cardio-kickboxing and spinning keep your lungs strong and heart pumping, and will get you in shape in no time. With so many classes to choose from, look for a gym that offers free trials or a one-price system that will let you try different classes to see which gets the results you need. Sign up with a friend for a discount at most places, and you can keep each other motivated on your less-than-enthusiastic days.


Dade County

Crunch Gym – Washington Ave

David Barton Gym

Pilates South Beach

M Cycle Gym

Porky’s Gym

Energy Fitness

Results Fitness Studio

Idols Gym

SoBeSports Club

South Florida Boxing

Broward county


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Body By Cruz Hollywood
Fort Lauderdale Personal Training Ft Lauderdale
Spar-Fit Cooper City
Fitness Together – Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainers
My Gym of Royal Palm Beach
Stayin’ Alive Fitness Center
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Martial Arts & Boxing

Martial Arts


Pilates & Zumba

Belly & Pole Dancing