Hardware Stores


So I just helped you find the perfect home, but now you want to hang that new towel rack and paint the master bedroom a different color. Pretty much the first place that everybody that buys a new home seems to need to go is the hardware store. Maybe you are getting your property ready for me to sell for you, and you need to replace that darn fence post that broke 3 months ago and patch a couple of nail holes from some picture you took down. Surprise, surprise the first place most people that decide to sell their home go is…… you guessed it the hardware store. So seeing as what an integral part of the buying and selling process these hardware stores are I thought it would be a really good idea to give you some choices of places in the area. The top link bellow will show you not only the large chains but just about every hardware store in the state.


I got you a great deal on that fixer upper foreclosure, but the kitchen has recessed florescent lights behind plastic lenses that you want to update. You could go to a local hardware store, but the selection will be limited. The answer is to go to one of South Florida’s many lighting stores. If you want a great deal or a lamp that is custom made you can find it here. Local artists specialize in creating unique pieces for your home, and wholesalers will give you incredible pricing on standard luminary pieces. Here is a list of links and a directory for some of the lighting store in the area.

Lighting Store Directory