Moving Process

Moving can be hectic, time consuming, and stressful. Here is an article that I think explains the process well and gives some good advice.

What you need to know before moving to South Florida

by Andrea Barker

If you’ve had to move yourself before (or if one of your friends suckered you into helping you move) you know all too well just how hard and exhausting it can be – even if you’re just moving up the street! And the more things you have to move, the longer and slower (not to mention sweatier) you can expect your moving day to be. And we’re just talking about the manual labor here.

Moving costs rack up whether you choose to use a professional company or succumb to moving yourself. As a resident of Florida, I’m practically required to relocate every time my lease expires. Seriously – did you know that over 1,000 people move to Florida every day?

A couple years ago, my roommate and I relocated from Davie (in Broward County) to a beautiful high-rise apartment in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Well, we were fresh out of college and all too willing to pinch a few pennies, so we decided to do it ourselves.

We didn’t even make it down the stairwell of our second-story apartment in Davie. She and I tried to lug the glass top of our dining room table (no wrapping, mind you), and three steps down, my finger slipped, shattering our table into oblivion.

After that horrific mess, I decided that if I should ever move again, I’ll just turn to a professional moving company to do all the heavy lifting for me. And to invest in moving insurance!

Choosing Florida Movers

That being said, you should know that there are hundreds of moving companies based in Florida – half of which are in the tri-county area! Back in the day, I just picked my Florida mover at random out of the yellow pages, knowing nothing of their reputation or customer service whatsoever.

BIG mistake.

Lucky for you, we now live in the grand Internet era, where your answer to anything and everything is just a click away. When looking for a local mover, I recommend typing “movers” or something similar into Google Maps. Then read the consumer reviews on the companies that come up, and don’t forget to click on the company websites! I also recommend visiting an unbiased forum, such as Yelp or City Data to learn more about other customers have to say.

Florida Movers Reviews

The most important factor in choosing a reputable moving company is licensing and accountability. If you’ve already spoken to a few moving companies but can’t decide on which to choose, look the company up on the Better Business, or a moving review site, such

Note: Do not ever, ever, EVER choose a moving company that is not licensed by the Department of Transportation, not to mention the state in which you’re planning to move. I personally recommend moving with a company that offers full-coverage insurance from a licensed moving insurance company as well, given my unfortunate incident – which, by the way, cost us $2,000 to replace!

Florida Movers Quotes

Okay, so you’ve done your research and read up on professional reviews and customer testimonials. You even verified that the company has a valid license and offers moving insurance. Now it’s time to request a quote. Moving quotes are typically rated by either cubic feet or weight, both of which can be easily inflated if you allow a shady mover to pull the wool over your eyes. Which is of course why you did your research FIRST, right? If you’ve found a company you feel safe with, go ahead and pick up the phone and ask for a quote. Or submit a request online if they have a website. A moving consultant will call you either way.

Now that you’ve got a salesperson on the phone, you’ve got some very important questions that need to be answered before you put down a deposit and especially before your moving day. I recommend asking something along the following lines:

Is moving insurance included with my quote?

Careful: A shady mover will say ‘yes, you have valuation/limited insurance/$0.60 cents ppa (per pound per article)’. This is NOT full-coverage insurance! Remember, you get what you pay for, and pinching pennies to avoid paying extra for moving insurance could cost you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, depending on what you own and whether or not the man upstairs has decided to wreck your day.

Is my moving quote based on cubic feet or weight?

Regardless of what they answer, be sure that YOU know your stuff well enough to TELL them what your furniture/boxes actually weigh, or how much space they take up. This is the #1 cause of billing complaints. Movers can only guesstimate how big or small your things are based on a general checklist. So if you’ve got a typically large or awkward shaped belongings, be sure to ask the next question.

Can I get an in-home visual estimate?

Every reputable mover is capable of visually inspecting your home or office to give you a proper quote, although this gesture is typically reserved for larger homes (think 2 bedrooms plus). If you have a ton of stuff, getting a quote over the phone just won’t cut it. Note: Be sure to give the most accurate inventory you can over the phone (even if it means wandering around your house, and actually looking at everything you own) to avoid extra charges on your moving day. Which brings us to the next question.

How much packing materials do you think I’ll need for my inventory? What things are required to be packed for me to move?

Okay, so technically that’s two questions, but they’re both equally important. A moving salesperson will typically know better then you how many boxes (and of what shape and size) you’re actually going to end up using to pack your house. FACT: People own way more stuff then they think, and typically underestimate the amount of boxes they’ll need to move. Another thing, movers can’t move trash/plastic bags. Everything has to be boxed.

How much do you charge for packing materials?

Florida movers are trained to work fast and to pack everything securely. And that means dollar signs for you in tape and boxes if you didn’t pack your things properly beforehand. NOTE: For almost every mover in the industry, the only wrapping you get for free is the moving blankets for your furniture.


Here are some companies that specialize in moving in South Florida: