About Josh

Joshua Cadillac is a licensed realtor, and his passion is helping people in these troubled and opportunity rich times. Josh specializes in listing and selling properties, as well as giving guidance to people facing the nightmare of losing their home. His focus on selling properties has made him Century 21, King Realty’s top listing agent for the past three years representing more than half of his companies properties. Josh focuses on sellers and making their properties sell quickly by advertising in the right places to make sure buyers are telling their realtors “We want to see this one”.

When it comes to high end properties Josh says that with a last name like Cadillac people expect you to know about luxury homes and condos and to give quality service. “I try to give people Cadillac quality service”, said Josh. He went on to say “This is the source of my goal in “creating a new standard in real estate”. I think the name gives me a lot to live up to, and I want customers to feel that they have received service commensurate with it.” As far as luxury homes go Josh has quite the extensive knowledge of not just what is out there but also how to get it at the best price. From finding the perfect home, to handling all of the paperwork, and negotiating the best deal Josh gives his customers the type of experience they would expect from a Cadillac.

Since Josh started actively in the real estate industry in 2007 he has risen quickly to the forefront as a leader in the short sale and foreclosure avoidance portion of the market. He often says that “ I entered real estate at the worst time ever and had to learn how to make the market work for the people that needed to sell so that I could make a living.” Josh has grown up around the sale and purchase of real estate since his youth, and in fact was financially devastated by the collapse of the real estate market himself. This is where his passion to help those losing their homes stems from. “I remember what losing almost everything was like, and I don’t want people to face that without someone to turn to for help” said Josh when asked about his previous financial hardships. He went on to say “They say it’s not about getting knocked down, it’s all about getting back up again, and while that’s true there has to be a way to get back up again otherwise some people just stay on the mat. My goal is to not only help people get back up but to get up as quickly as possible and eventually get them in better financial shape than they were in before. I want to help them rebuild their financial future, and get back in the fight.”

Josh has studied extensively in the residential field of real estate and has achieved several designations, in fact, the entire lower portion of this page is dedicated to explaining what they all mean. But lest you think he is only a student and not a practitioner of real estate Josh has been buying and selling real estate from his youth and continues to do so to this day. “I try to buy a property a year” Josh says. “I can’t sell a product I don’t believe in.“ Josh went on to say “I have been working on investing or property management with my dad for as far back as I can remember both here (in Florida) and in New York (New York City).” “It’s in my blood”. “I love real estate investments. We built a very large portfolio of single family homes, industrial land, warehouse, office buildings, restaurants, and mini warehouse space, and managed them all ourselves. I know the different property types not only as an owner but as a property manager. This enables me to give my investors the best information about the true value of an investment as well as the true potential.”  Because of his knowledge and hands on expertise Josh has built a large network of investors that depend on him to find them the best investment opportunities. From the small first time investor to the large commercial/industrial buyer Josh has the experience and skill to help them all.

On a personal note, Josh has very diverse interests. He loves to cook and has owned and operated two Italian restaurants where he made all the food including the hand tossed New York style pizzas. His love of cooking took him to culinary school where he specialized in baking. Josh has always had a love for cars which sent him to an auto tech training facilities where he became a master certified auto tech and even built his own street legal 1000HP Trans Am. He also loves the arts and is a competition quality ballroom dancer in both Smooth and Latin dance styles. Previously, Josh was a competitive bodybuilder, and even though his passion for real estate doesn’t let him train to that level anymore, he can still be seen from time to time in a gym giving someone some pointers. His strong interest in Green building and sustainable energies and sites led Josh to pursue the very difficult LEED AP accreditation given by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

CCIM :  A (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry.

CDPE : A (Certified Distressed Property Expert) has a thorough understanding of complex issues in today’s turbulent real estate industry and knowledge of foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. CDPEs can provide solutions, specifically short sales, for homeowners facing market hardships.

CRS : A (Certified Residential Specialist) is recognized as the elite in the residential real estate world. Making up the top 4% of all Realtors.

ABR : An (Accredited Buyer Representative) Has acquired specialized training and proven experience in dealing with the special needs of  buyers in the current and perpetually changing real estate market.

GRI : A (Graduate of the Realtor Institute) Has received specialized training to set them apart from other REALTORs. Courses focusing on negotiation techniques, marketing strategies, and professionalism  give the graduates the proven skills to outperform the competition.

CSSA : A (Certified Short Sale Agent) has been extensively trained in dealing with the intricacies of handling short sale transactions. From knowing what documents to collect to negotiating with the bank the holders of this designation know how to get short sales done right.

CCFA : A (Certified Commercial Foreclosure Agent) has passed an exhaustive study of the ins and outs of commercial foreclosure sales and marketing.

CIAS : (A Certified Investor Agent Specialist) finds, creates, and closes with residential real estate investors with the knowledge and tools earned through comprehensive education and experience. CIAS-designated agents can streamline the process of real estate investment to increase returns for investor clients.

e-PRO : The designees of this course have been extensively trained in using the available technology to not only market the property but to allow for expediting and streamlining the transaction process.

SFR : A (Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource) has been given the tools to handle the complex world of distressed properties.

TRC : (Transnational Referral Certification) Graduates of this course have the skill and expertise to deal with the complexities of international real estate referrals and transactions.

LMB : (Licensed Mortgage Broker)

C-Rep : (Commercial Representative)

M-Rep : (Mortgage Representative)

CPMS : A (Certified Property Management Specialist) has attained the skills to achieve excellence in the property management field.

LGC : A (Licensed General Contractor) also known as the unlimited building license) is licensed by the state of Florida to build, repair, and inspect (inspections on 1-4 unit residential properties require LHI (see below)) any building in the state of Florida.

LHI : A (Licensed Home Inspector) can inspect any residential property (1-4 units)

Leed AP: A (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) has passed a very difficult and arduous process to show expertise in the field of Green Building.

RRP : A (Remodel and Re-Paint) License is issued by the EPA and is required for working on any remodel (greater than 6 sq. ft.)  where there is the potential for the presence of lead based paint (any property built before 1978).

LMA : A (Licensed Mold Assessor) is licensed by the state of Florida to assess and test for mold.

LMR : A (Licensed Mold Remediator) is licensed by the state to remediate all mold issues.