This website would not be truly creating the new standard in real estate unless I helped you find someone you would immediately like and trust to watch your children. You need to feel comfortable with the person you are entrusting your loved ones to. I could include a whole bunch of links to various child care providers but you would be getting the same thing with a simple “Google” search. For that reason I am going to only give you one contact for this page of someone that I personally know and can vouch for. She is amazing with children, having over 10 years of experience and being CPR certified. She loves to swim and go for long walks, play sports and do art projects, there’s always something fun to do no matter how old or young the children are. She has experience with multiples and infants and can usually work any type of hours that are needed including: overnights, weekends, and even accompany the family on trips so Mom And Dad can have some fun while not worrying about the children’s well being. If she has a scheduling conflict so that she cannot watch your child for you she has a handful of quality women she works with that all do an exemplary job, and will afford you the same level of service and comfort you will be used to from her.
Cortney Hipp
References available upon request.