Mold + Lead


Indoor air quality has become a huge issue in most commercial buildings, and because of this people are looking much more closely at the indoor air quality of their homes. In doing so people have discovered items that were slowly poisoning them and their families. One of the biggest culprits is mold. Molds can give off particles called micro-toxins. These micro-toxins can cause illness in individuals with compromised immune systems such as children and the elderly. Also they can make illnesses worse and last longer. Mold is caused normally by water intrusion. The way to cure a mold issue is to first treat the source of the water, then to remove the existing mold, and to scrub the air to remove the mold spores that exist in the breathable air, and finally test the air and send to a lab for analysis. A state licensed mold assessor and a state licensed mold remediator are required to treat a mold issue. I am both a state licensed mold assessor and remediator as well. The remediation process is something which I do on a regular basis, and have all the professional tools and labs to get this done.


Lead based paint has long been known to cause illness when ingested. This is why all homes built before 1978 are required to have a lead based paint addendum disclosing as to whether the owner has any knowledge of lead based paint in the property. While lead based paint is not really hazardous as undisturbed paint on the wall it is very dangerous when disturbed and aerated. For this reason special precautions are necessary to prevent severe illness in home inhabitance. Federal law states that if any renovation, of a property built before 1978, is going to disturb more than 6sq.ft. of area they  must conduct a lead paint assessment or face fines up to $32,500.00. If lead does exist the precautions are very similar to a mold remediation. The work can be done safely and quickly if a trained EPA certified professional is used. I have the EPA’s certified RRP which is the necessary license to do the lead testing and complete a safe remodel or repair of any property built before 1978.