You buy a home but it’s not exactly what you want. If only the closets were bigger, or if only the bathrooms were more modern, or if only the kitchen had granite counter tops. No matter what the job is you will most likely need someone to do it unless of course you are super handy and don’t mind pulling the permits. You may just need an estimate of the cost of work to decide if you even want to purchase a certain property. These things are not unusual they happen every day and usually a General Contractor is brought in to give you an idea of what the repairs, renovation, or remodeling will cost. While this isn’t a major inconvenience it does take time, and after getting the quote back  it is not unusual to find out that someone else has had their offer accepted on the home. The good news is I am a General Contractor in addition to being a Realtor, and therefore can give you estimates for work as we go. If the work is not a type of work that I regularly do I will have someone I work with that will be able to get us the info we need right away. Even if we run into mold or water damage I have the tools and the experience to get the job done for a realistic price in excellent time. Giving you value added services when buying your home is one more way that I am creating the new standard in real estate.