The South Florida Environment.

The South Florida environment is very unique. In that you have a very tropical climate in a very urban area at the tip of a several hundred mile long peninsula. With the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other side  Florida is a slice of paradise in the middle of the ocean. Even in paradise though there are certain environmental issues that you need to be made aware of. Obviously if you are planning to live near the ocean there are the corrosive effects of the salt water on metals, and with 300+ days of sun each day each year you have to be careful to not get too much sun. If you have a green thumb Florida offers you some unique opportunities as well as some interesting challenges. Because of the hot summer months irrigation is critical to most plants survival. While during the rainy season not a day will go by without a couple of hours of precipitation. So then drainage can be an issue. It is an amazing place to live and once you learn to make allowance for the things that make Florida the way it is you will be rewarded with fantastic results.

Here is a link with connections to tons of sites specific to Florida wildlife, gardening, and environmental information: http://www.sflnatureland.htmlplanet.com/